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breast implant solutions
Breast Implant Health

We focus primarily on identifying signs of the four conditions below.

Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Breast Implant Illness (BII) is a systemic reaction with a range of symptoms experienced by some women with breast implants . Symptoms include, ‘brain fog’, tiredness/fatigue, sleep problems, fibromyalgia, skin and hair issues, joint issues and auto-immune conditions. Although there is no conclusive scientific evidence that breast implants are solely responsible, there is increasing awareness of BII. Many patients find their health dramatically improves after removing their implants (termed ‘explant’). At Breast Implant Solutions, we aim to support women who report a link between their implants and symptoms, and offer a range of positive solutions at each stage of their personal journey so that patients have all options open to them within one high-quality service.

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Breast implant rupture section

Implant Rupture

Breast implants do not last forever, and many patients describe their worries about implants bursting or leaking. Over time, the implant’s silicone shell can tear or develop small holes through which the silicone gel can leak. In most cases, the leaked silicone stays inside the scar capsule that has formed around the implant (termed ‘intra-capsular rupture’).

Sometime this causes noticeable changes in the shape or feel of the breast, but in many cases the patient is unaware of the rupture (termed ‘silent rupture’). Silent ruptures are important to identify though breast implant scans.

Studies show that at 12 years after surgery, up to 1 in 7 breast implants are ruptured. If an implant is ruptured it is recommended that it is removed or replaced and a thorough washout of the pocket is performed to remove all the leaked silicone and other materials.

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Capsular Contracture

After breast augmentation, the natural response of the body is to form an envelope of scar tissue around the implant, termed a ‘capsule’. If the capsule remains soft and thin, the implant remains soft and the breast retains its shape.

However, in some patients the capsule thickens and contracts around the implant, which may cause progressive hardening, pain and breast distortion.

At Breast Implant Solutions, we image the entire breast implant and its capsule using our high-definition ultrasound. Scanning, combined with clinical examination, allows us to identify signs of capsular contracture and provide personalised information to patients on their breast implants.

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BIA-ALCL breast exam


Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is an extremely rare cancer linked to breast implants, estimated at 1 in 16,500 patients with breast implants.

Patients typically have a swollen breast with fluid around the implant or can feel a lump. At Breast Implant Solutions, we are alert to this diagnosis, and use high-definition ultrasound scanning as part of our assessment process.

If we have any concern that you have any signs of ALCL, we will follow the national guidelines and refer you to your closest specialised regional centre for further investigations and multidisciplinary management.

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When do I need to get a breast implant scan?

At Breast Implant Solutions, we adhere to the FDA advice to arrange breast implant scans 5 years after surgery, and then every 2 years after this.

Do breast implants need an ‘MOT’?

Breast implant manufacturers often provide a lifetime guarantee for their breast implants, however this doesn’t mean the implants last forever. It is recommended to check for rupture 5 years after surgery. Capsular contracture can also occur in the initial months or years after breast implant surgery with intact implants. Regular check-ups are recommended, and Breast Implant Solutions offers a range of scans and tests to suit your needs.