breast implant solutions
breast implant solutions

Providing peace of mind and wellness for all patients with breast implants

Are my implants OK? Are my implants making me sick?

Breast Implant Solutions

Breast Implant Solutions provides contemporary imaging, science-based blood tests, and access to leading healthcare professionals, through which we hope to provide you with the right information to give you reassurance and confidence to make the right decision about your implants.

For the majority of patients, an appointment in our one-stop clinic for a simple ultrasound scan and blood test offers the reassurance needed to safely continue without any surgery.

For those patients with implant-related health concerns, the bespoke scans and tests provide personalised guidance on the safest treatment path.

breast implant inspection

45 Years Combined Experience

Combined surgical experience of our founders Chris and David

46 Biomarkers Measured

From our personalised panels of
scientifically curated blood tests

Implant Rupture Detection

Using our state of the art high frequency, high definition portable scanner

Our collective mission is to improve breast wellness and quality of life, for all women with breast implants